June 6, 2011
Plug: Tool Shed Toys

Now that my mom finally understands that binding will not actually injure me beyond all reason if I do it sensibly, I ordered a couple Underworks binders from Tool Shed Toys, a sex-positive adult toy store in Milwaukee.  As I was checking out, I think I got a little too excited about the fact that they let me put different names for the billing address and the cardholder and hit “back” too many times—however it happened, I ended up ordering a size too small.  (I’m a tiny guy, but not that tiny.)

I realized this about twenty minutes later and had a Darth Vader “NOOOOO” moment, rushed to find a link to cancel or edit my order, and found nothing.  I then shot off an email to their information department basically saying, “Aaaa help I’m a stupid, please don’t send me extra-smalls.”

I got an email back just nine minutes later saying they got my email and fixed the order, and the person was so chill and gracious about it that I just had to tell other people about them.

Obviously, I haven’t gotten my binders yet and don’t know how they’ll feel, and this is my first time working with Tool Shed Toys so I can’t say anything about their other products, but I’m browsing their site right now and I think they’re promoting a really healthy, positive attitude toward sex, gender expression, and pleasure, and that’s really cool in my book.  I will totally do business with them again, should the need arise.

Anyway, if you like sex toys or gender props, check them out!

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